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April 2023 Myriad Of Colour Album Review London Folk Magazine

Simon Cousins has been playing and singing for more than 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to this, his fourth album.  Simon’s creativity is much in evidence… …lyrics, full of ancient terminology, conjure up images of this past way of life. …arrangement featuring trumpet, guitar, whistle and violin all working beautifully together…. …enhancing Simon’s gentle and melodious voice.

April 29, 2023 Stones for Avalon Concert Glastonbury Town Hall

Simon joined brother Jon and his bardic buddies Pok and John Crow in a charity concert at Glastonbury Town Hall which raised over £1,000 for The Glastonbury People's Trust supporting families in financial hardship. 

November, 2022 Myriad Of Colour Album Review Ian D. Hall for Liverpool Sound and Vision

Simon Cousins has taken it upon himself to delve deeper into the palate of life, each stroke of the brush hosting variety of self-exploration, expressions, and dream like sonnets of wealth. A Myriad of Colour, a mass of exultant introspection revealed on a canvas unhindered…Simon Cousins has produced an absolute legendary recording. Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10.

October, 2022 Myriad Of Colour Album Review Allan Cairns for Liverpool Acoustic 

There are many songs that have struck a chord with me on this album, that to pick just one would be an injustice to the wealth of content. I have not heard Simon Cousins in person something I hope to remedy as soon as I can.

September 27, 2022 Myriad Of Colour Album Launch

Simon launched Myriad Of Colour with the support of the Myriadal Orchestra of musicians who contributed to the album - John Marshall, Chris Kelly, Ken Beamer, Bob Tyrer, Roger Llewellyn, Richard Hughes, Jon Cousins and Gary Smith. 

July 6, 2022 Narrowboat Session 
Simon returns to the Cariad IV at Chirk Marina to record three songs with his brother Jon as ‘Cousins, Brothers, Twins…’  

July 3, 2022 Shy Lowen Horse Sanctuary Fundraiser

Cousins, Brothers, Twins perform at the Shy Lowen Fundraiser helping to raise £2,742 for the  char 

October 24, 2021 Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Simon performed two sets with his brother Jon as ‘Cousins, Brothers, Twins…’ on Stage M as part of the final Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 

December 8, 2020, Imagine 40

A collaboration between Simon and the Gallus Crows to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of John Lennon

November 14, 2020, Cousins, Brothers, Twins... Inner Light Challenge

Cousins, Brothers, Twins… contribution to the Inner Light Challenge! #innerlight2020 – produced and released on the festival of Diwali; Saturday, 14th November 2020. Recorded in Liverpool and Glastonbury

June 10, 2020, In the Summertime 50

Simon Cousins contributed to the official 50th anniversary recording of Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime reaching number 1 in 1970

May 19, 2020, Langdale Virtual Valley Band – Lockdown Video

Simon joins regulars from the Langdale Charity Folk Festival for a lockdown video of Kieron Douglas’ song ‘Langdale’

August 2, 2019, Simon Cousins live session on Black Country Radio's Late Night Clive Programme

Simon will be playing live and chatting with Clive Payne on the Late Night Clive Show between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Friday 2nd August

April 28, 2019, Simon Cousins live session on BBC Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk BBC Radio Shropshire

Simon Cousins returns to Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk Programme on the 28th April to perform a live session of ballads and folk songs and chat with the host 

March 1, 2019, Folk North West Magazine, The Lark and The Blackbird Album Review

“This is the 3rd solo outing from Simon Cousins who was born in the West Country and moved to Liverpool in 1987.  I reviewed his first album Given Songs in 2015 for FNW Magazine and commented then the songs would appeal to the discerning listener who appreciates well written lyrics and quality delivery.  The Lark and the Blackbird delivers much of the same on both counts... Simon continues to produce quality music, this is a collection of folk songs and ballads exploring the poetic themes of love, laughter, lullaby and lament. John MacKenzie"

November 13, 2018, Press Release, The Lark and The Blackbird Album Launch

“Simon Cousins is joined by Gary Leighton, Sonny Smith, Mark Byrne and Jon Cousins to perform tracks from his new CD The Lark and The Blackbird at Chris and Hughie Jones' Everyman Folk Club on 13th November 2018"

November 11, 2018, Press Release, Simon Cousins live session on BBC Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk BBC Radio Shropshire

"We will remember them... On the centenary of the end of the first world war, Genevieve plays music for Armistice Day. Also, you'll hear live music from singer songwriter Simon Cousins."

May 29, 2018, Press Release, Cousins, Brothers, Twins at Liverpool Tall Ships Festival

"It’s been a year long project; and performing with Culture Liverpool’s ‘Parade Of Song’, as part of the Tall Ships Festival, is a fitting way to round off our personal celebration of ‘Sgt. Pepper At 50’.” Jon Cousins reflected at the end of their final performance on a packed Bank Holiday Monday by – fittingly – Tate Liverpool’s ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ by Sir Peter Blake."

November 1, 2017, Press Release, Cousins, Brothers, Twins are to play Glastonbury’s ‘Frost Fayre’ 25th November

"Following their successful appearances with Mr. Kite’s MUSICIRCUS!, Glastonbury FM’s Sir Bob Lloyd has asked Cousins, Brothers, Twins to play a 30 minute set – beginning at 12:35 pm – comprising of the Beatles songs they performed at Aintree and Portmeirion.  Si Cousins told us: “It’s wonderful to be playing Glastonbury again – Jon and I haven’t performed there since appearing at Glastonbury Festival in June 2016; and the Frost Fayre is such a great event, we’re really looking forward to it."


September 2017, The Living Tradition, Fleetwood Folk and Blues Weekend - 1-3 September

"Fleetwood has always been a musical town with tales of the sea right through to still having many live bands performing regularly.  Guests at the festival this year include  Phil Hare - Richard Moss - Plant & Taylor - Andy Twyman - Phantom Voices - Simon Cousins - Beggars Bridge - Nick Dowe - John Carroll - Anna Shannon"

July 22, 2017, Press Release Simon Cousins at Liverpool International Music Festival

"Simon Cousins appeared at the Liverpool International Music Festival's Summer Jams Concerts, on Saturday 22nd July, 12.30 p.m. – 12.55 p.m. at the Mellowtone Bandstand Stage, Sefton Park, Liverpool. Read More..."


July 1, 2017, Press Release, Cousins, Brothers, Twins at Mr Kite's Musicircus

"Cousins, Brothers, Twins… will be performing at ‘Mr. Kite’s MUSICIRCUS!’ as part of Liverpool’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘Sgt. Pepper’.  The concert is co-ordinated by the John Cage Trust, and takes place on Sunday, 4th June 2017 at Aintree Racecourse, Ormskirk Road, Liverpool. L9 5AS.  Cousins, Brothers, Twins… will perform at ‘Location: D-2b’ from 2:27 pm.  Their set will include: ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, ‘Because’, ‘In My Life’, ‘When I’m 64’, ‘Here Comes the Sun’, ‘Yesterday’, and ‘Goodnight’."

July 20, 2016, Getintothis, Live Review, Del Pike, Mike Badger’s Americana Festival

"The line-up at this year’s festival was just as electric and fitted into the landscape of a real country hoe-down perfectly. Playing on the make-shift stage surrounded by hay bales and set against a field of beautiful horses were acts as diverse as Si Cousins, a gentle sing-a-long guy knocking out songs like Singin’ in the Rain as the heavens opened."

June 16, 2016, St.Helens Star, page 33, Andrew Killmurray, Simon Set For Glasto Gig

"A singer songwriter whose day job is at St.Helens Council has been given the opportunity to perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Simon Cousins who has worked for the local authority for 14 years... ...retired from the music business in 1996, and since then, song writing has been more of a hobby than anything else.  Simon 51, said: "I was so surprised to be offered the chance to play on the Bandstand Stage in a gig to mark the 30th anniversary of Ophiuchus' formation.  I know it sounds incredible, but this will be my third time performing at Glastonbury Festival since I retired."

June 10, 2016, Liverpool Sound And Visions, Simon Cousins, Forgiven Songs. Album Review.

"From Given to Forgiven, the song is always in the moulded, sculptured hands of Simon Cousins. It is a sculpture that is worked upon, that is designed and produced with full heart, from Given to Forgiven, Simon Cousins holds the listener close and asks only that the latest creation is known for its honesty."

June 6, 2016, One Fell Swoop, Merseyside singer-songwriter Simon Cousins heads to Glastonbury for Ophiuchus reunion

"Merseyside singer songwriter Simon Cousins is delighted to have been given the opportunity to perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival.  Simon, who was a member of Liverpool's Britpop pioneers The Onset in the early 90s and a founder member of Wiltshire Folk Rockers Ophiuchus in the late 80s, was surprised in May this year to be offered the chance to play on the Bandstand Stage in a gig to mark the 30th anniversary of Ophiuchus' formation. Simon perform with Ophiuchus at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival, and returned there in 2011 to play four solo shows in the Green Fields."

March 8, 2015, World Singer Songwriters, Simon Cousins’ music: Finding love in each stranger’s eyes

"You can see the sensitivity of a true artist when a mere interview template comes alive under their perspective and somehow there is always more to find even in a straight answer! The musician presents himself with such honesty and modesty, we must remind ourselves that this English artist was a member of Wiltshire’s Progressive Garage band Random Gender, American bluegrass/Country/Punk band The Onset and Folk/Roots/Rock group Ophiuchus before starting a solo acoustic career."


February 16, 2015, 1 in Music, Live Shows, Reviews, Tiki Black, Simon Cousins live at Sound, Food and Music

"Cousins delivered a playful and conversational music performance. He played short and sweet sounds like “She’s the one”, turning familiar-sounding songs into a new experience with his smiley, convivial spirit that take you on his journey in the time it takes to sing a song or even a whole set. It made me wonder if, in his own words, he was looking for love in each stranger’s eyes. And as he maintained eye-contact with each and everyone and the attention of the audience ,as a storyteller would in crucial moments, I wondered how one could be so relaxed and passionate at the same time, betraying both experience and care for his work. A real uncomplicated pleasure to listen to."


April 16, 2014, Liverpool Acoustic, Album Review - Simon Cousins, Given Songs

"Throughout these nine songs, there’s a thoughtful artist at work here. The production and musical accompaniment by Mark Byrne is sympathetic and compliments the material without getting in the way. Country Girl is a story of longing for someone from long ago and sets the stage for a series of understated gems. The mellow country vibe is perfectly captured on Sometimes A Fool. The effortless approach works best on the heartfelt The Fact I Love You Now, which must qualify as a standard. Love, of course, is the overall theme and Cousins treats it as a proud celebration. He embraces the idea and accepts the complications that may arise from being in that place. Love is a journey that’s being explored."


July 4, 2014, Liverpool Echo, The Guide, page 2 Jade Wright recommends ...
"Liverpool's country/folk singer Simon Cousins, whose debut solo LP Givern Songs was released last month to critical acclaim..."


May 2, 2014, Liverpool Sound And Vision, Simon Cousins, Given Songs. Album Review.
"An album of note, of cool and calmness in a world that is too easily at times swayed by the beat of a faster drum.  With an attractive opener in Country Girl, Given Songs offers an arm in which to close in upon, to take and relish the walk that is offered. Other tracks continue the pace and give the music its natural saunter. Tracks such as My Guitar and Me, the wonderful The Fact I Love You Now, Loved You When We Met and When You Don’t Ask all give a meaning to being able to hold onto something, anything and give it 100 percent attention for a while."


April 12, 2014, Liverpool Echo, page 22, The Guide: What's On
"Music: Today: Liverpool Acoustic Afternoon featuring Simon Cousins and Rachael Dunn..."


August 25, 2013, Liverpool Sound And Vision, Simon Cousins Gig Review, Bluecoat Gardens Liverpool International Music Festival
"The Liverpool singer-songwriter gave credence to the notion that sometimes just hearing music is enough to change a life, the legacy of any musician to make an audience think and take their lyrics and run with them, to make someone smile inwardly even when times are so tough no one could blame them for breaking down and giving in is what music has, it is what art contains compared to the cold brutal and sometimes harsh reality of science..."


August 10, 2013, Liverpool Echo, page 9, Bandstand Festival Is Sound Idea
"Sefton Park bandstand will come alive with the sound of guitars, soul and pop.   It's part of the Liverpool International Music Festival. with performances from 12:30 p.m. - 5 p.m...."  Sefton Park Sunday 11 August - Perri & Neil / The Midnight Ramble / Abi Moore / Simon Cousins / Yasmin Ali / Karl McCann."


August 8, 2013, Bay TV Liverpool, Liverpool Bandstand - 2013 LIMF Programme
"Liverpool Bandstand 2013 LIMF Programme launch running order – Thursday, 8 August: hosted by Dave Monks – BBC Radio Merseyside.  ...2.30 - 3.00 Simon Cousins - A folk/country singer and songwriter performing songs derived from real-life, presented in a series of tales which unravel a story of the mystery of life..."


August 2, 2013, Liverpool Live, Music, Liverpool Acoustic Garden
"On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August, from 12.00pm to 4.00pm, the Bluecoat garden will be filled with the sound of fantastic music from sixteen of Merseyside's best acoustic acts. With solo artists, duos, singer-songwriters and instrumental guitarists, there's something for all tastes to enjoy. And it's all free!  Sat 24th Aug  2013: ...Simon Cousins..."


July 19, 2013, Open Culture, Things To See, LIMF Bandstand: Singers, Swingers and Joy Bringers
"This summer as part of the LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) Open Culture Liverpool and City Central BID bring you a magnificent melee of music on three of Liverpool’s best and most beautiful venues; our historic bandstands in Sefton Park and Stanley Park and at one of our newest assets, the Liverpool Bandstand in Williamson Square.  8th August  - Esco Williams / Sense of Sound / MiC LOWRY / Tyler Mensah / Simon Cousins / Michael Taylor / Laura Oakes."


July 4, 2013, St.Helens Star, page 43 Don't miss the big gig
"It's normally a place for silence but that will all change later this month when St.Helens Central Library bursts into song... Confirmed acts include St.Helens Got Talent finalist Sam Caldwell and Simon Cousins, from St Helens..."


June 28, 2013, Liverpool Echo, The Guide, page 2 Jade Wright recommends...
"La's founder and artist Mike Badger has organised a fund raising festival to help Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary in Thornton...  The event brings together Dan Dean and Simon Cousins on the same bill, both of whom played with Mike Badger in The Onset in the 80s and 90s..."


June 27, 2013, Crosby Herald, Thornton saddles up for 4th annual Shy Lowen music festival
"It may not feature the Rolling Stones or enjoy wall-to-wall coverage on the BBC but the Shy Lowen music festival is set to rock Thornton this Sunday..."


June 24, 2013, St.Helens Creative Art Network Press Release, Our Big Gig
"Saturday 13th July, 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Join us for an exciting day at St.Helens Central Library featuring performances, workshops and activities for everyone.  Featuring choirs, singer-songwriters and even a barbershop quartet - this event will leave you singing in the book aisles.  Some confirmed acts include: Christopher Peacock, Evil Piccolo, Sam Caldwell and Simon Cousins... "


August 30, 2012, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, A True Golden Oldie
"Retired builder Allan Cousins is releasing his first single at the age of 78.  He said: 'I sang the tune to my wife Jean, and our granddaughter Olivia recorded it on her phone. She played it to her dad, Simon, who recorded a piano and drum arrangement for me to listen to. My other son Jon added guitar and Olivia played bass and harmonium.   I know self-praise is no recommendation, but I am overjoyed with the way it has turned out.'  Mr Cousins’ son Simon, who lives in Liverpool, said: 'Dad’s so thrilled with the song that I have arranged for it to be formally released as a bit of fun.  To me it is very special to have a record of us all playing together for the future'...”


July 5, 2012, Crosby Herald, page 14, Liverpool musicians raise funds for Shy Lowen music festival in Thornton
"the fundraising event saw musicians and festival-goers raise almost £2,000 to help the sanctuary which rescues and rehabilitates neglected horses, ponies and donkeys..."


June 29, 2012, Liverpool Echo, 24 Seven, page 5 Musicians to play at horse sanctury gig
"A wonderful array of local talent has agreed to raise money for the Shy Lowen Sanctury.  Opening the event at 2 p.m. is singer songwriter Simon Cousins, who performed at Glastonbury Festival in 2010 and 2011..."


February 23, 2012, Liverpool Echo, 24 Seven, page 31 24 Seven Listings
"Music, Saturday Simon Cousins, Barry Briercliffe and Adriano Arena, The Brink, Parr Street..."


November 24, 2011, St Helens Star, page 43 Single is Glastonbury favourite
"After music fans at Glastonbury gave comeback performer Simon Cousins massive encouragement for one of his songs, he has decided to release it as a new single..."


November 9, 2011, Wigan Evening Post, page 24 Gigging For Love
"Acoustic guitarist and Glastonbury veteran Simon Cousins will be playing at a pub in Leigh this Firday.  The 46-year-old has played at Glastonbury for the last two years and the gig coincides with the release of his debut single Love's Counterfeit..."


November 4, 2011, Liverpool Echo, 24 Seven, page 9 24 Seven Listings
"Music,Tomorrow Simon Cousins, Vinyl Bar, Lark Lane..."


October 19, 2011, The St Helens Reporter, page 20 Simon is bidding to be a hit on the radio
"Guitarist Simon Cousins is hoping to make the radio air waves as he releases his first single..."


October 12, 2011, Wigan Evening Post,  page 18 Simon Goes Solo
"First single: Simon Cousins has handed out his track - Love's Counterfeit - to various radio stations, including Radio 2, BBC 6 Music and Radio Merseyside, and aims to become a radio sensation..."


September 24, 2011, Liverpool Echo, page 18 24 Seven Listings
"Music,Tomorrow Simon Cousins, Moon and Pea, Lark Lane..."


August 26, 2011, Liverpool Echo, 24 Seven, page 9 24 Seven Listings
"Sunday Simon Cousins Oddfellows, Lower Bridge Street..."


July 22, 2011, Liverpool Echo, 24 Seven, page 9 24 Seven Listings
"Tomorrow Simon Cousins Courtyard Sessions Heebie Jeebie's..."


July 9, 2011, Wigan Evening Post, page 19 Simon's A Glasto Hit
"Former Ophiuchus guitarist Simon Cousins had a blast at Glastonbury..."


June 20, 2011, Interview on "Tony Snell in the Morning" Radio Merseyside


June 9, 2011, St Helens Star, page 45 Simon's acoustic return to the Glastonbury Stage
"Fourteen years since Simon Cousins packed away his guitar, he is set to enter the limelight again - and rock the Glastonbury stage"


June 8, 2011 The St Helens Reporter, page 3 Next Stop Glastonbury
"Top guitarist Simon gets four gigs at Glastonbury..."


June 6, 2011, Wigan Evening Post, page 3 Beyonce, Coldplay... Simon?
"Guitarist Simon Cousins, will perform four times at Glastonbury in The Green Field this month..."


June 1, 2011, Liverpool Echo, page 18 I'm back and I'll rock Glasto..
"Mersey guitarist returns after 14-year music gap..."

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